Braunschweig Women’s Open

Women’s World Ranking Tournament

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Tournament Direction

Freddy Pedersen
Freddy PedersenTournament Director
Mobile: +49 151 – 28957513

Freddy Pedersen is the tournament director of “Braunschweig Women’s Open” since 2009 and club chairman of the Förderverein Tennis Braunschweig e.V., which has been established in 2010.

Majlena Bruchhagen
Majlena BruchhagenPlayer's Desk
Mobile: +49 174 – 9546878

Majlena Bruchhagen looks back on a very successful tennis career. Today, she is studying Economics and supports her father with the organization of the “Braunschweig Women’s Open”.

Volker Jäcke
Volker JäckeTech Organisation
Mobile: +49 177 – 2954455

Volker Jäcke is one of the founders of the Förderverein Tennis Braunschweig e.V. and is part of the tournament management team. He also organizes the office and tournament technology.